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Lipoelastic MGF Variant Compression Body Garment

Lipoelastic MGF Variant Compression Body Garment


When to use the Lipoelastic MGF Variant compression body garment?

  • Recommended to use after abdominal plastic surgery, tummy tuck, DIEP flap, mommy makeover, liposuction of tummy, back, pelvic area, buttocks, hips, flanks and thighs, breast surgeries (i.e. breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast reconstruction, breast lift surgery, mastopexy and mammoplasty).
  • This garment is suitable for patients undergoing multiple body contouring surgeries or post-reconstructive surgery
  • This garment is also recommended as part of post-pregnancy compression therapy to help shrink the postpartum belly

Product description

  • Shoulder straps with adjustable four rows of hooks and eyes allow the adjustment of breast position as needed
  • The legs extend above the knees and are finished with special ultrasonic technology so that the garment never rolls or compresses.
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