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Buy Your Post Mastectomy Needs from Us - Claim in NZ

New Zealand citizens are able to take advantage of the considerably better pricing of post mastectomy prosthesis, lingerie and clothing in Australia and claim their rebate through the New Zealand Ministry of Health as per the normal process. The letter below from the NZ Ministry of Health outlines the process - 

"Yes, absolutely a client can claim for purchases made overseas.  They will need to be set up with their own payee number which they can do by completing the application form and returning it to our office along with confirmation of their bank account to be reimbursed into.

To submit a claim, the client must complete a claim form and supply a medical certificate (if it is their first claim) and a receipt or invoice (must specify date of purchase, items purchased and purchase amounts).  When making purchases overseas, it is helpful if they attach a copy of their bank statement showing the conversion amount from Australian to NZ dollars.

I have attached a copy of our brochure, as well as the Breast Prostheses Claim Form and application for payee number. "

So there it is. When purchasing, use our contact form letting us know that you are a New Zealand citizen and we will promptly pack and dispatch your order as well as  E-Mail you the relevant forms so you can make your claim.

Thanks for shopping with the Mastectomy Store. 

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