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Bamboo Nightcap head liner

Bamboo Nightcap head liner


Simple! Light-weight! Comfortable! Pretty! 

Made of super soft and stretchy bamboo fabric, the Bamboo Nightcap Hat Liner – Wendy is a perfect companion in bed.  The beautiful lace edge adds femininity to your night outfit. Its stretchiness and softness allows your head to be wrapped in luxury without being restrained while you sleep.

The Bamboo Nightcap Hat Liner – Wendy is single-layered and lightweight, so it can be worn under a fashion hat without the feeling of being bulky. You might have some of your favourite fashion hats in your wardrobe before you lost your hair. The Bamboo Nightcap Hat Liner – Wendy makes it possible for you to keep wearing your favourite hats without investing on other chemo hats.

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