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Lipoelastic LIPO Slide

Lipoelastic LIPO Slide


When to use Lipoelastic LIPO slide?

  • Designed to assist when wearing full length leg garments

Colour version

  • Black

Product description

  • LIPO slide Aid is a new product designed to aid putting on LIPOELASTIC® VB, TB, VD, TD, TBfLg, VBfLg, MHD and MGD series compression garments as post- surgery patients can experience limited mobility.
  • Lightweight in design and silky in material, LIPO slide allows the patient to easily slide the compression garment up the leg without straining or experiencing any discomfort.
  • UNI size


  • Features


    We pay attention to detail and each stage of production meets all the required standards. It's important to us, to carefully select the components and materials we use, meaning we have a personal connection to each garment we produce. The materials we use for LIPOELASTIC® Post-Surgical Compression Garments come exclusively from the European Union and each piece is manually inspected for output.

    Our products are manufactured from materials awarded with the OEKO-TEX® certificate, which guarantees the absence of harmful or allergenic substances (such as latex etc.)



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