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Lipoelastic S1 Special Breast Stabilizer Band

Lipoelastic S1 Special Breast Stabilizer Band


How to use the Lipoelastic special SI breast stabilizer band?

  • Combined with a compression bra from under the LIPOELASTIC range
  • The band must be fitted securely above the breast to ensure optimum compression
  • Breast bands can be purchased separately

Colour version

  • White
  • Black

Product description

  • Post-operative breast band is designed to stabilize breast implants for patients after an augmentation (breast enlargement procedure using implants)
  • The SI product has a classic flat shape with a Velcro fastener


  • You should always wear a breast implant stabilizer band as directed by your consultant/plastic surgeon
  • Prior to purchasing a breast stabiliser band, it is vital to consult the suitability with your surgeon


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